PRTC Pole Attachment Standards

Pole Attachment Standards

Unless otherwise specified below, all attachments must comply with Attachment Specifications in the Company’s tariff that governs pole attachments.

Minimum Clearance:

  • Driveways / Parking lots – Clearance is 13’6
  • County roads – Clearance is 15’6”
  • State roads – Clearance is 18’
  • Railroads – Clearance is 27’
  • Interstates – Clearance is 24’
  • Spaces and ways subject to pedestrians or restricted traffic only – Clearence exception is 9’6”
  • Standard separation between attachment points is 12 in between communications plant.

Any additional positions on a pole must be made above Telephone Company facilities.

Attachment positions must be no less than 12" from the top of the pole.

The J7908 or Becky Reinforcement Strap using a hammer driven lag bolt must be used for Company facilities rearranged by the Attacher.

Anchors must be in place before strand is tightened/sagged. Strand must be tightened/sagged from anchor to anchor and sagged to be uniform with existing facilities so not to cross or overlap mid span.

Attacher must provide and use their own anchor and guy and cannot attach or use the Company’s anchor and guy.

Grounding and bonding to the strand and pole ground is required

Attachments must be tagged with owner identification at each pole.

Certificate of Pole Attachment Compliance of PRTC

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Contacts for Attachment Requests

TJ Isaacs
(606) 287-7101

Justin Lakes
(606) 287-7101

Contacts for Attachment Implementations

TJ Isaacs
(606) 287-7101

Justin Lakes
(606) 287-7101

Invoice and Payment Contact

Accounting Dept.
(606) 287-7101

Attn: Accounting
PO Box 159
McKee, KY 40447

Escalation Contact for All of the Above and Dispute Resolutions

Michael Stidham
(606) 287-7101

Pole Survey and Attachment Contractors

We do not have approved contractors for surveys but will review any such requests on a case-by-case basis.