Emergency Line

Older woman sitting in a chair setting up her emergency line with peoples rural telephone

Emergency Assistance Line

Allows you to call a predesignated number or emergency service by simply lifting the handset.

  • Eliminates need to remember emergency numbers.
  • Emergency calls can be placed quickly and automatically.
  • Enhances safety and security for people who are alone (particularly children, elderly, or a sick relative).
Home Sweet HOme Sign

End the worry of home emergencies with Emergency Assistance Line

How To Use Emergency Assistance Line:

  1. Lift handset and wait. (Within 20 seconds, the predesignated number will be dialed automatically.)
  2. If you do not wish to dial the predesignated number, you may dial any other number before 20 seconds have elapsed.

Note: The predesignated number is selected by you when you order your Emergency Assistance Line service. To change this number, you must contact the telephone company.